University of Winnipeg Faculty Association


Message to Members Regarding BUFA Strike

To all UWFA members:
As you know, the Brandon University Faculty Association (BUFA) is on strike. Some UWFA members have asked whether certain actions of theirs would constitute crossing BUFA piclet lines. Examples include on-line teaching of Campus Manitoba courses (which make use of centres on the BU campus) and attending a sports tounament at BU in the capacity of a UW team coach. BUFA has informed us that both of these activities would constitute crossing their picket line, whether online or in-person.
UWFA members should know that they cannot be disciplined for refusing to cross a picket line, but by the same token, they also don’t have to be paid for work that they haven’t performed as a consequence. If you have a question about whether a specific action of yours might constitute crossing the BUFA picket line, please contact Lisa McGifford, UWFA’s Staff Officer.
The relevant sections of the Manitoba Labour Act are reproduced below.