2023-2024 Council


UWFA is administered by a Council that is responsible for the operation of the Association. The Council meets at least once a month to discuss a wide variety of issues. For more information, please contact the UWFA Office.

Peter Miller (Classics)
(Exp 2025)
Phone: (204) 789-4197
Email: pj.miller@uwinnipeg.ca

Vice President
Carlos Colorado (Religion and Culture)
(Exp 2024)
Phone: (204) 786-9171
Email: c.colorado@uwinnipeg.ca

Michael Breward (Business and Administration)
(Exp 2024)
Phone: (204) 786-9085
Email: m.breward@uwinnipeg.ca

Communications Officer
Alyson Brickey (English)
(Exp 2025)
Phone: (204) 789-1476
Email: a.brickey@uwinnipeg.ca

Grievance Officer
David Telles-Langdon (Kinesiology)
(Exp 2025)
Phone: (204) 786-9248
Email: d.telles-langdon@uwinnipeg.ca

Grievance Officer
Steven Kohm (Criminal Justice)
(Exp 2025)
Phone: (204) 786-9102
Email: s.kohm@uwinnipeg.ca

Contract Academic Staff Representative

Instructor Representative
Jay Maillet (Geography)
(Exp 2025)
Phone: (204) 786-9886
Email: j.maillet@winnipeg.ca

Librarian Representative
Ian Fraser
(Exp 2024)
Phone: (204) 786-9813
Email: i.fraser@uwinnipeg.ca

Collegiate Representative
Karen Zoppa
(Exp 2025)
Email: k.zoppa@uwinnipeg.ca

Term Appointment Representative

Ian Burley (Physics)
(Exp 2024)
Phone: (204) 786-9755
Email: i.burley@uwinnipeg.ca

Peter Ives (Political Science)
(Exp 2024)
Phone: (204) 786-9949
Email: p.ives@uwinnipeg.ca

James Scoles (English)
(Exp 2024)
Phone: (204) 786-9954
Email: j.scoles@uwinnipeg.ca

Janis Thiessen (History)
(Exp 2025)
Phone: (204) 786-9346
Email: ja.thiessen@uwinnipeg.ca

Ryan Bullock (Environmental Sciences) 
(Exp 2025)
Phone: (204) 988-7594
Email: r.bullock@uwinnipeg.ca

Justin Friesen (Psychology)
(Exp 2024)
Phone: (204) 786-9303
Email: jp.friesen@uwinnipeg.ca

Past President
Jacqueline Romanow (Indigenous Studies)
Phone: (204) 258-2963
Email: j.romanow@uwinnipeg.ca