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Annual Day of Mourning - April 28, 2009

The annual Day of Mourning observances will be held at noon tomorrow at a ceremony organized by SAFE Workers of Tomorrow, a Winnipeg based organization that is dedicated to promoting workplace health and…

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Letter to Dr. Axworthy - Brian Bater's Email Goes Viral

By Brian Bater with an introduction by Peppa Gourmay
Those of you who can access the various University bulletin boards might have noticed that an E-mail from Brian Bater, an open letter to Axworthy,…

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The Pension Decision

By Kristine Hansen, Wendy Josephson and Karen Zoppa
You will all probably know by now that the Manitoba Court of Appeal has handed down its decision on the UW Pension matter, ordering that the cost of…

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CLC Letter to Hon. Tony Clement

While Canada is in the midst of the greatest recession in recent times,
our Federal Government has seen fit to use the bad times to attack
working people for their only sin, that of working for one of…

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We've Been Framed!

By David Burley, UWFA Vice-President
We can understand, I think, the financial difficulty that confronts our university’s administration. The drop in endowment revenue because of the recession, the uncertainty…

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Worried About Your Job or Pay Cuts?

By Pauline Greenhill, UWFA Secretary with assistance from Kristine Hansen

Here are a couple of fast facts:
1. The University can’t lay off anyone in the Main Unit (that includes tenure track…

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The Tenure Track Blues (in A)

Song by The Blasphemers (Angela Failler and Craig Willis)

Article by Pauline Greenhill, UWFA Secretary with Holly Everett, Peter Narvaez and Diane Tye from Memorial University

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The University Cries Poor and UWFA Responds

By Peppa Gourmay with submissions from the KKP Posse
The employer has been asking us for creative ideas to raise funds. In the spirit of support for our management, who seem happy to continually reproduce…

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What Happened to Flexible Retirement?

Members might recall that in the last round of Main Unit negotiations, it was agreed that we would explore flexible retirement options whereby a member could partially retire and receive partial pension…

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Kudos to Administrator Robert Nacogneczy

Whenever we have a chance to do so, the UWFA Newsletter likes to draw attention to good things that administrators do. For efficiently and promptly keeping us in the loop on what’s happening with the printers…

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Levin Commission on Tuition and Accessibility

The Commission on Tuition Fees and Accessibility to Post-Secondary Education in Manitoba (The Levin Commission) was mandated to ” review the province’s policy on affordability, accessibility and on the relationship…

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Who is Better at Math?: Lloyd or Pauline?

By Pauline Greenhill with thanks to Michael Hohner for research support
At the meeting of UWFA members on March 30, to which Administration representatives were invited, Lloyd Axworthy presented some…

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The UWFA News - April 2009

As we come to the close of another academic year, the UWFA News once again graces your inbox. This issue features information on current university issues, the “Tenure Track Blues” and a UWFA Word Search!

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WLC Policy Conference

Winnipeg Labour Council Annual Policy and Educational Conference - CANCELLED
May 9, 2009, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Union Centre, 275 Broadway, Winnipeg
Plenary on the current economy and how the city, its institutions,…

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