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The UWFA News - February 2010

In this issue of the UWFA News:
The Crowe Case: A Student’s Perspective [Control Matters: Intellectual Property…

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The Crowe Case: A Student's Perspective

By: Joe Martin, Class of 1959
It is difficult to write about this episode even after half a century. It was a brutal, angry affair that changed my life from academia to business. NOTHING in subsequent…

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Community Learning? The UWFA Executive Responds

Is “Community Learning,” as contemplated in President Axworthy’s recent position paper, a good thing for the University of Winnipeg? The UWFA Executive is not yet convinced. The Association has responded…

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UWFA Bargaining Updates

By Lisa McGifford, UWFA Staff Officer
We are now at varying phases of bargaining for all three of the UWFA bargaining Units.
Collegiate: We have been to the table once and agreed on a bargaining protocol…

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Control Matters: Intellectual Property and Electronic Files

By Alexander Freund, UWFA Grievance Officer** **
From 11 to 13 December 2009, some fifty grievance officers and others involved in grievance processes at universities across Canada met in Ottawa to learn…

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Closing the Gap: In Search of Librarian/Faculty Parity

From 23 to 25 October 2009, Michael Hohner attended a CAUT conference entitled Negotiating for Parity: Closing the Librarian/Faculty Gap on behalf of the UWFA Executive. The conference was about how academic…

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Raising Course Caps... And Concerns

By Alexander Freund, UWFA Grievance Officer
“So much for our reputation for a high level of teaching.”
“Goodbye quality education at U of W, hello factory: churn students out, the more, the more money.”

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331 Days and Counting...

By Tracy Whalen, UWFA Secretary
Remember that crowded UWFA meeting to which Administration members were invited, the one in which some members were enjoying the prime real estate of floor seating? Well,…

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UWFA Women and Equity Committee

By Roewan Crowe, Chair - Women and Equity Committee
The UWFA Women and Equity Committee (WE) is a Standing Committee of UWFA. Formerly the Status of Women Committee, it was renamed in 2009. WE works…

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Thanks from the UWFA Executive

The UWFA Executive thanks all the faculty who supported the successful drive to raise money for student scholarships and bursaries. With the enthusiastic help of UWFA Members, the University was able in…

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