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Follett to Close Canadian Office

By Daniel Draper, UWFA Administrative Assistant
Early this month, Follett – the company that now controls the UW Bookstore – announced that it would be closing its Ottawa offices and centralizing its…

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CAUT Begins Censure Process

Reprinted from CAUT’s website (
(Ottawa – April 27, 2010) Delegates to the national Council of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT)…

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Mandates, Negotiations and Keeping Your Cool

An Interview with Dr. Wendy Josephson, Chief Negotiator for the Main Unit Bargaining Team
By Dr. Roewan Crowe, UWFA Member-at-Large

*Pictured: Main Unit Bargaining…

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A Name is a Name is a Conundrum

By Tracy Whalen, UWFA Secretary;)
So much…

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Vice Presentation

By Dr. Mark Golden, UWFA Member-at-Large
Somewhere amidst the Dark Matter that makes up so much of our universe a committee is meeting. Made up of representatives of the Board of Regents, support staff,…

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We Heart Faculty Social Thanks

The UWFA Membership Committee would like to thank all those members who came out to the UWFA We Heart Faculty Social at the King’s Head on March 12. Together we raised over $300.00 for the UWFA Scholarship…

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Spring CAUT Council Report

By Dr. Tracy Whalen, UWFA Secretary
This past week (April 22-25), I attended the 2010 Spring Council for the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) in Ottawa. This session included some of…

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UW Returns to its Roots: An April Fools Joke

By Dr. Jim Clark, Psychology
In a surprise press release today (1 April 2010), U of W announced that it had decided to cut back on administration and return to the governance structure that existed 20…

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