University of Winnipeg Faculty Association

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Celebration and Reflection

By Tracy Whalen, Secretary
This final UWFA newsletter of the 2010-2011 year is one of both celebration and reflection. As many Members know, this February marked the thirtieth anniversary of the certification…

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Taking a Look Back at the First Agreement

Thirty years ago, the Association was certified by the Manitoba Labour Board. On 16 September 1982, the first agreement between UWFA and the Employer was signed. When one looks at the first agreement and…

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Marching to Strike Headquarters

By Allen Mills, Vice President
That march to strike headquarters on the Monday before the strike deadline was something I will not soon forget. It was easy to worry about its possible success. Had it…

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Memories of a Picket Coordinator

By Pauline Pearson, Psychology
What was my experience as picket coordinator? In a word, outstanding. The adventure began midday on Sunday, February 27, when a call on my cell interrupted my out-of-town…

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Historic Underfunding, Redressment and a Sense of Ourselves

By Mike McIntyre, Psychology
The University has struggled, since shortly after its transformation from United College, with a funding base more suited to a college within a university than to an independent…

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Pondering the Word Untenable

By Margaret Sweatman, English
I’ve heard the argument in diverse contexts that Canadian universities are “untenable.” It’s a canny choice, the word “untenable,” in the company of professors, tenured…

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A Steep Price for a Miracle

By James Christie, Theology
Story is to religion as mathematics is to science: foundational. Trust me on this.
The story of The University of Winnipeg is the story of a miracle – and the price that…

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Examining Privilege and Power

By Lee Anne Block, Education
At the center of the work to transform knowledge ought to be all of those who have been on the margins…
-Elizabeth Minnich
“Transformative” is a word I have used in…

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And Another Thing... A Rant

By Andy Park, Biology
There’s an old saying about changing what you can, but having the grace to accept the things that you cannot. Fair enough. But that’s no reason not to have a good old therapeutic rant about some of those (apparently) unchangeable…

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