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Come for a Friday Afternoon Skate with UWFA!

We invite all UWFA Members, students and friends to skate with us, on February 8, from the Legislative Building to the Forks, where we’ll have hot chocolate. This event will give us a chance to connect,…

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New UWFA Logo

The UWFA Communications Committee is pleased to present UWFA’s new logo, which was designed by Josh Dudych, senior graphic designer at True North Sports and Entertainment. The logo, which features a crow…

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President's Letter

Pauline Pearson, UWFA President
Happy New Year! I hope that this newsletter finds you well and feeling re-energized for the new term. Personally, I valued the time to reconnect with family and friends over…

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Academic Freedom at the U of W: Remembering Harry Crowe

By Hugh Grant, Economics
“As an educator and researcher, you should know this date: September 15, 1958. On that day, a crucial part of your professional identity was born. That’s the day on which Harry…

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Keeping the YOU-FA out of UWFA

By Tracy Whalen, Communications Officer
The research behind UWFA’s new logo design included a survey of how closely the logos of other Canadian faculty associations resemble those of their related institutions….

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Announcement: Harry Crowe Foundation Conference

Harry Crowe Foundation Conference
February 1-3, 2013
The Limits of Academic Freedom
UWFA is sending a delegate to the Harry Crowe Foundation Conference in Toronto at the end of the month. The…

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Welcome to Marlboro Country

By Kelly Gorkoff, Criminal Justice Studies, UWFA Communications Committee
Welcome to Marlboro country.
We are living firmly in marketable times. The swoosh, the arches, the ever-so-slightly bitten apple,…

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