University of Winnipeg Faculty Association


UWFA Stands with UMFA


On behalf of the members of the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association, I want to offer you our strong support and solidarity with respect to your current job action and the many challenges you have been facing throughout the collective bargaining process with the administration of the University of Manitoba. We are especially disturbed by the interference of the Provincial Government in matters of collective bargaining. It is undemocratic, to say the least, and threatens to undermine the integral role we play in assuring the quality and relevance of post-secondary education in this province. We cannot allow to
dangerous precedent to stand.

We respect the courage that you have demonstrated in defending the integrity of the university. The decision to strike is never an easy one, but it is vital. Most certainly the issues that you have raised around fair evaluations, tenure and promotion, workload, and job security are of utmost important to all of us. We have enclosed a solidarity donation of $1000.00 and should the strike continue, we will be joining your pickets this Friday, November 4th at noon to demonstrate our strong support. If there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In solidarity,

Jacqueline T. Romanow
Acting President, University of Winnipeg Faculty Association