We wanted to remind you of some of your rights in the workplace, especially with respect to issues that may come up in the fall term.

1. RAS and CAS Faculty members are not obliged to hold in-person office hours. Our collective agreements mandate that members make themselves available for student consultation, but the mode is not specified (see UWFA-CAS 14.2.3, UWFA-RAS 14.07(1), 14.10(1a)). This is more complex for Librarian, Counsellor, and Collegiate members and we welcome questions.
2. RAS and CAS Faculty members do not have to permit anyone into their offices.
3. Members who are sick are not obliged to work – for an illness of fewer than five days (RAS) or three days (CAS) duration, members are not required to submit medical certificates but need only notify their chair or supervisor (UWFA-RAS 26.37, UWFA-CAS 16.5.1). At present, members do *not* need to provide medical documentation for short-term illness beyond 3 or 5 days that is related to COVID-19. In the event that students are sick for short or long periods, members are not obliged to provide individual tuition, individual Zoom teaching sessions, or to repeat classes. Students who miss class for any reason may be dealt with by members as they wish. No member may be compelled to teach make up classes.

If you have further questions or questions specific to your situation, please contact us at uwfa@uwinnipeg.ca