Month: September 2019

Student Climate Strike Events

Please see the following message from UWFA President Dr Jacqueline Romanow: UWFA Members are likely aware of the growing international school strike for climate movement, in which students take time off from class to participate in demonstrations, seeking action to...

Our Universities, Our Future

The Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations is hosting an All-Party forum on post-secondary education in diazepam advance of the provincial election. More information is...

The Province says it's holding another meeting this week with faculty associations to discuss post-secondary funding.
@theuwfa president @DrPeterJMiller talks concerns over performance-based metrics, after leaving a virtual consultation two weeks ago.

MOFA Submission on Performance Based Funding @CAUT_ACPPU
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Happy to speak with @ianfroese yesterday. I’ll add that @theuwfa is very willing to talk about how to sustain & improve Universities — but, it has to be a true consultation that identifies issues, problems to be solved, and is open to diverse solutions.