Month: April 2020

Message From The UWFA President

Dear Members, By now, I am sure you have read the disturbing news regarding Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister’s as of yet indeterminate plans to cut funding to universities, as well as the public sector, in order to pay for the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since...

Letter To Members

Dear Members, Many of you were understandably concerned by yesterday’s message from Government and the Employer. UWFA was present for the teleconference between the public sector and quasi-public sector unions that was held yesterday. Government met with employers...

Archived Posts

#Bill33 We keep hearing from @WayneEwaskoMLA about how much his government values education and wants to keep it affordable, but their record says otherwise. The actions don't match the rhetoric, which is why we're calling on this government to scratch Bill 33. #mbpoli

Key concerns from the public on bill 33 on night 1 of committee include:
-It will lead to higher tuition
-It will reduce the accessibility of colleges & universities
-Differential classes of tuition, proposed in bill 33 means that Arts programs could cost more than other programs

Good evening! It's cold out there with more snow to come, travel is not advised, so why not follow the committee presentations from Bill 33, live from the Manitoba Legislature? Follow this 🧵 for highlights! #mbpoli @CFSMB
Full broadcast is here: