UWFA Council Passes Ceasefire Motion

Dear Members, At its January 15th 2024 meeting, UWFA Council passed the following motion: “BIRT UWFA joins the global call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. In calling for a ceasefire, UWFA joins governments, organizations, and labour unions...

2023-24 UWFA Council Meeting Dates

All in the UWFA Boardroom, 4M52. from 12.30-2.00 p.m.: Fri., Sept. 15 Wed., Oct. 18 Fri., Nov. 17 Wed., Dec. 13 Fri., Jan. 12 Wed., Feb. 14 Wed. Mar. 27 Wed., Apr. 10 Fri., May 24 Wed., Jun 12

UWFA COVID Committee Educational Resources

These resources have been gathered with the intention of providing up-to-date, research-based materials from a variety of sources that are accessible to a non-specialist audience. (Many have further links to the research studies they reference, for those who wish...

Spring 2023 UWFA General Meeting Reports

UWFA is pleased to share the Spring AGM reports from the President, Executive Director, and Communications Officer, as well as a summary of the IHRA motion item tabled from the Fall 2022 UWFA General Meeting. We invite any questions from our members. Please note...

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